Japan Bridge by Junichi Tominaga

This seminar gave me a lot of thoughts and realizations.  Although each Sensei had a different way of teaching, I felt the core of Aikido sprit was the same.  I felt like I have peaked what Sakabe Sensei always says, “Protect, Break and Separate”.

Practicing with attendees from other dojos and especially attendees from other countries, I realize how I practice Aikido and it was very interesting, and I enjoyed this experience a lot.

I believe the best thing about the seminar is either has been taught or practice, from actual human contact we can feel the other person’s intent. That’s what I felt a lot during the seminar.

It was very interesting that we did not have much of a language barrier among those who practice Aikido, and it was interesting that we naturally accepted each other without language.

Different teachings from each teacher and practicing Aikido with different people, during the past 4 days I have felt many sensations and great feeling from others.

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to attend this seminar.

By  Junichi Tominaga


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