Kumamoto Bridge 2012 by Jim Alvarez

I was especially excited to attend the 2nd annual Japan Bridge Seminar in Kumamoto and felt it was an absolutely great experience.  After an all day Shinkansen (Bullet Train) ride from Tokyo I was met by Sakabe Sensei and Ikeda Sensei at the Kumamoto train station and the adventure began. We went to one of the two dojo’s Sakabe Sensei teaches at in Kumamoto for his Thursday night class followed by a great dinner at a local Izakaya.

The next day was the start of seminar with Munetsugu Sakabe Sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei and Kenji Shimizu Sensei as our main instructor’s.  As an invited guest instructor along with Kenta Shimizu Sensei and Ayhan Kaya Sensei I had the privilege of teaching a class on Friday and one on Saturday. I was honored to be sharing the mat with all of these illustrious instructors. The classes from all the Sensei were of the highest caliber and I found all the participants open and eager to engage in new ways of looking at Aikido training. It was especially exciting to hear Kenji Shimizu Sensei speak of his time with O’Sensei and to my amazement see him warming-up for his class by taking high-fall ukemi for his son.

Sakabe Sensei and his students did a great job of hosting this international event and making us all feel welcome and comfortable. At no time did I experience a language barrier as everyone helped out to be sure all was understood. I met some great people and that is what makes this seminar something different. We all go to the local seminars in our part of the world but to venture out and see how others in another part of the world practice the art we all love so much is uplifting, rewarding, heartwarming, challenging, and just plain fun.

I thank Sakabe Sensei and all my Aikido brothers and sisters that I met at this seminar and hope to return soon. I encourage all Aikido practitioners to consider attending this wonderful Aikido event.”

2012年 熊本ブリッジ・セミナー  { by Jim Alvarez }





ジム アルバエズ  { Jim Alvarez ]

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