Kumamoto Bridge 2012 by Josei Tajiri










田尻 丈生  {  Josei Tajiri ]


My First Bridge Seminar Experience

After completing the three day seminar, I was a little tired from the workout. However I had more fulfillment and refreshment in my heart.

Through this bridge seminar I had a new contact with people, what a wonderful things to train your body and soul, and fell how deep Aikido is in my heart.

I started learning Aikido this January and this was my first seminar as well. I have heard this year had less attendees from other countries, however for the first timer like me, of course this was the first time I have communicate and trained with so many foreign people. I hesitated at first to speak due to the lack of knowledge of foreign language but all attendees were friendly and kind, furthermore I felt the passion in practicing Aikido.

I believe encountering with new people will change your destiny. That is why this seminar was so meaningful to me.  In addition, we were privilege to have high ranking Aikido shihans instructing us. This gave me a memorable moment and it also made me realize how enjoyable and complicate Aikido is.

In conclusion, I appreciate Sakabe Sensei, the organizer of this seminar and Shimizu Sensei, Ikeda Sensei, Ayhan Sensei, and Jim Sensei who had traveled far to instruct this seminar. Also, I’m grateful to all attendees who came from all over Japan and other countries to help me practice. I thank you all very much.

I’m definitely planning to attend next year’s bridge seminar. Because of that, I want to practice Aikido on a daily bases to improve my Aikido and also practice foreign language to communicate and share the enjoyment of practicing Aikido with many other people from all over the world.

By Josei Tajiri

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